Woman of Influence

On March 9th, 2015, I had the pleasure of Hosting the Women of Influence Luncheon and felt the power of a room full of women!  The guest speaker was Lorraine Mitchelmore, who was born in a small Newfoundland Village, but is now the head of Shell Canada!

The story of her journey is one, not of a power hungry business executive, but a smart, educated and driven, small town girl who learned at an early age how to succeed in a mans world!  The middle child of 5 kids – all boys – Lorraine definitely figured out how to hold her own, and was obviously extremely intelligent, but also very smart at navigating social circles.  Those early lessons served her well as she travelled the world after getting her degree in geophysics.  She believes there are 3 keys to succeeding in business – especially as a woman:
1) Listen
2) Have Confidence
3) Follow your Intuition
Lorraine says when you you have thousands of people working for you, you really have to trust a lot of people. She believes “you have to set up a system where you not only rely on the empowerment of your staff, but trust them”.

Lorraine Mitchelmore is not only a very successful business person, but she’s also a mom and a wife; and manages each of those “jobs” with the importance they deserve!

Lorraine was a pleasure to hear speak, and to also chat with one on one – her sage advice is to find your “Career North Star” – that gem or spark inside of you!

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