Downtown Calgary Power Outage Info!

ENMAX is making progress on the huge job of restoring power to a large part of the downtown core, following an underground fire over the weekend that left thousands of customers in the dark.

The company’s CEO says of the 127 high voltage cables needing to be replaced, 79 have been completed with the rest to be done Tuesday morning.

Those cables then need to be spliced into the network, and just 15% of that project has been completed (as of Tuesday morning).

ENMAX says the goal is to get everyone back on the grid at once by mid-Thursday.

They warn if the lights come back on beforehand, it could be generator power.

In terms of the investigation into what caused the blaze, ENMAX says nothing like this has happened before in the City of Calgary, and it could be some time before they can pinpoint a cause.

The City of Calgary is providing further information for downtown residents and businesses – click HERE!

downtown fire



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